New Deep Bed Filters for Yunnan Yongshun in China

Yunnan Yonghsun recently awarded Novelis PAE a contract for new, PDBF®55 Deep Bed Filter units for its 150,000 TPY high-end aluminium alloy casting plant. This new project was jointly launched in July 2018 by Yunnan Yongshun and Xiamen Xiashun, a leader in light-gauge aluminium foil, for the purpose of producing high quality slabs.

Their choice confirms the success of the deep bed filtration technology proposed by Novelis PAE for eliminating inclusions exceeding 5 µm from the aluminium melt. The high static capacity of such PDBFs and the integrated double-electrical heating system contribute to better thermal control of the melt and high metallurgical quality of cast products. It is particularly recommended for meeting the requirements of demanding end products, such as beverage cans, very thin foil, lithographic sheet and high purity products. The PDBF® units cover a wide range of flow rates from 5 to 90 TPH and can be installed on continuous casting machines as well as on the largest DC-slab casting lines.