Company history: a success story!

The company began life in Froges, near the city of Grenoble in the French Alps, with the development of the first horizontal strip casting machine and its first patent, filed in 1958.

The company developed under the name of SCAL Engineering and then Pechiney Aluminium Engineering (PAE), mainly through the worldwide sales of the horizontal continuous caster, the Jumbo 3C.
Following its integration into the Pechiney group, the company diversified with the development of vertical DC slab casters and metal treatment systems, Alpur degassers and filters (CFF and PDBF).
In 2005, after the takeover of Pechiney by Alcan, PAE joined the spin-off company Novelis and became Novelis PAE.

This first prototype was built by Pechiney engineers in 1956 to cast strips of up to 400 mm in width and produce coils weighing up to 500 kg.
This sketch was included in the first patent application for a continuous strip caster filed by Pechiney in 1958
The modern continuous strip casters (Jumbo 3C® – 3CM®) made by Novelis PAE produce strips of up to 2 500 mm in width and coils weighing up to 25 tons.