About us

For more than 50 years, Novelis PAE has supplied state-of-the-art casthouse technologies, equipment and services to aluminiumand non-ferrous industries worldwide. Its expertise covers both liquid metal treatment (degassing, filtering and grain refining) as well as the casting process from liquid metal into solid strips, slabs or billets.

The equipment range includes:

  • Horizontal continuous twin roll strip casters: JUMBO 3C®, 3CM®

  • Vertical Direct Chill slab and billet casting machines and their automation system AUTOPAK®

  • In-line molten metal degassers: ALPUR®, JETCLEANER®

  • In-furnace metal treatment systems: IRMA®

  • In-line molten metal filters: PDBF®, CFF.

  • Based in Voreppe, France, in a region where the aluminium industry began in the early 20th century, Novelis PAE is world renowned for its remarkable innovations in aluminiumcasting.

In the 1970s, Novelis introduced the first automatic DC casting control system, AUTOPAK®, enabling safe “hands off” operationsthanks to its capacitive metal level sensor.

Combining engineering expertise, strong processing know-how and a solid metallurgical background, Novelis PAE is admirably positioned to provide the optimum solutions expected by his customers.

Meeting at Novelis PAE headquarters

Ownership structure

Novelis PAE is part of the Novelis group, a global leader in rolled aluminium products and the largest recycler of aluminium in the world.

Novelis is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hindalco Industries Limited, one of Asia’s largest integrated producers of aluminium and a leading producer of copper. Hindalco is the flagship company of the Aditya Birla Group, a multi-national conglomerate based in Mumbai, India, with operations in 36 countries.

Engineering capabilities

With a production background, and in some cases, experience as former users of Novelis PAE equipment, our engineers are able to recommend the most suitable solutions.

One Novelis PAE engineer, designing the supervision software of a continuous twin roll strip caster.