2022: A Successful Year for Novelis PAE’s JUMBO 3CM® Continuous Casting Technology

Novelis PAE is currently building four new JUMBO 3CM® continuous casting lines, which are expected to be shipped later this year to two of its major customers.

Gränges Americas

A JUMBO 3CM® 1150 will be delivered to Gränges Americas and installed at its Huntingdon plant in Tennessee, USA. This additional casting line is part of Gränges major investment to increase production capacity and follows on from the previous continuous caster commissioned in 2019. Gränges Americas is a major aluminium producer in the area of light-gauge foil, automotive heat exchanger materials and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) applications. The plant already operates five JUMBO 3CM® 1150 continuous casters to produce high quality aluminium strip up to 2320 mm wide.

Assan Aluminyum

Two Jumbo 3CM® 960 and one JUMBO 3CM® 1150 will be delivered to Assan Aluminyum in Turkey and installed at their plants in Dilovasi and Tuzla respectively. Assan Aluminyum, a subsidiary of Kibar Holding, is implementing a major expansion plan for its casting and rolling activities to thereby increase its production of high-quality aluminium sheet and foil. The three new casters will complement the existing 19 lines currently in operation and will further strengthen Assan Aluminyum’s position as the largest CC producer in Europe and the Americas. Assan Aluminyum’s fully integrated recycling facility allows the company to focus on sustainability and the circular economy.
All four continuous casting lines will be equipped with Novelis PAE’s innovative ALPUR® G3 degasser. ALPUR® core technology has been continuously improved to ensure premium metallurgical quality of the melt prior to solidification.