New maintenance workshop for your level sensors and actuators

In 2018, Novelis PAE launched a new Plug’n CastTM generation of metal level sensors and actuators upstream of Industry 4.0. 

Featuring an innovative, compact design and CAN-Bus low cable connection, the new CS-F240 and FC-F100 units have now been running to perfection for many months at multiple European casthouses. They have proven their efficiency, accuracy and greater robustness and reliability than the previous generation of devices.

Novelis PAE has opened a specific maintenance workshop dedicated to ensuring better service for all its customers. This facility features a brand new test bench equipped with all the tools and available parts required for testing, calibrating – and if necessary repairing – our customers’ sensors and actuators. We ensure continuous, accurate traceability of all our devices through our Web interface linked device-specific QR codes.

Dedicated contact Melanie has been appointed to our team to answer all your technical questions even if they concern the previous generation of sensors.

Don’t hesitate to contact us! We’ll be pleased to assist you in finding the right solution!

CS F240_capacitive sensor