FLEXTREME™ Novelis Continuous Casting Technology for Ready-to-Forge Billets

Flextreme™ is Novelis’ proprietary technology for continuous horizontal casting of ready-to-forge aluminum billets. This new technology decreases the cost, time, energy and CO2 emissions in the manufacture of forgings because the as-cast stock does not need to be extruded, homogenized or scalped. It also enables recycling of process scrap. Most commercial alloys can be produced in 25-150 mm diameter rounds and simple shapes. Advantages over extruded forging stock include fine microstructure, mechanical property isotropy and low variability, and excellent resistance to grain growth during heat treatment.

Each Flextreme™ module has two independently controlled molds. Four molds per module are possible for 25-64 mm diameters. Multiple modules can be installed to meet production requirements and for future expansion.

The system is fully automated and requires minimal labor for its operation.

Novelis commercializes Flextreme™ casting modules and ancillary equipment along with a technology license and is committed to the continued development and support of this technology.

Recognized as a worldwide leader in aluminum recycling, casting and rolling, Novelis now applies its art of casting and knowledge of aluminum to the forging market. The Novelis Flextreme™ caster technology is a revolutionary patented continuous casting process for the production of high quality ready-to-forge stock.

Specifically developed as a flexible and economical alternative for forgers to produce their own billets, the Flextreme™ caster is compact and is easy to install and operate. Its modular design allows for additional incremental capacity as required.
Specialized features offer forging operations the capacity to produce different diameter forging stock. The Flextreme™ caster line, which includes a re-melt furnace, gives the forger the option of recycling both internal and external process scrap, which further reduces operating costs.

Flextreme™ caster technology is a very cost-effective method for manufacturing high quality ready-to-forge stock. The Flextreme™ caster produces a fine, uniform grain structure throughout the forging stock and excellent surface quality and it ensures superior metal integrity compared with conventional processes. These features eliminate homogenization and scalping operations for most forging applications. When these advantages are combined, the Flextreme™ caster technology offers forgers a lower cost opportunity to produce their own forging stock in the 25 mm (1″) – 150 mm (6″) diameter billet range.