New generation of “Hands Free” CastingNew Industry 4.0-designed Test Bench for Capacitance Sensors & Flow Controllers

New generation of “Hands Free” Casting: AUTOPAK® Metal Drive System, Ready for Industry 4.0 Novelis PAE has developed a dedicated test bench to support its latest generation of capacitance sensors* and flow controllers** for the new AUTOPAK® Metal Drive System, its renowned proprietary aluminum casting technology.

This bench integrates a compact on-board computer, which communicates through a CAN bus field network with the sensors and flow controllers to be set and tested. The results of these tests are recorded by the application, which offers full maintenance monitoring for the entire pool.
There is no need for software installation since the bench is controlled only by an integrated web application with easy access through an Ethernet link.
When testing a sensor, the bench drives the level position of a target based on a selected cycle; the sensor measurement is compared with the distance provided by an external probe between the sensor head and the target.
The bench is also designed to test flow controllers by externally checking the controller axis position and incorporates the capacity to check the pin closing sequence.

This first unit has been developed by Bertrand Rozier (see photo) for R&D purposes.
This new bench is a unique smart tool dedicated to maintaining every generation of sensors and flow controllers including previous analog models.
This unique development opens the door to new casthouse maintenance practices in line with Industry 4.0 standards
* CS-F240 capacitance sensor
** FC-F100 flow controller